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Firehouse Service Coordination program
in your neighborhood, too!

SourcePoint for Older Adults of Delaware County offers Service Coordination through an innovative partnership between SourcePoint and local fire departments located throughout Delaware County to residents aged 60 and older.  The FIRST program began in the City of Delaware Fire Department on February 14, 2013.  The Service Coordinator, who is an employee of SourcePoint, works closely with first responders to engage them in the referral process and to educate these professionals regarding the needs of older residents. Working in the firehouse allows the Service Coordinator to be in the heart of the day-to-day action and to hear and see first-hand the needs of local residents that may otherwise go unnoticed.  The Service Coordinator actively engages county residents who are referred to the program by first responders and through a detailed review of emergency runs from 9-1-1 calls. 

Reaching out to residents to assess needs, identify appropriate community resources, and linking residents to the services they need to live safely in their own homes are the tasks of the Service Coordinator. By completing these vital tasks, the Service Coordinator can help reduce the number of non-emergent EMS runs and to work with residents to ensure the health, safety and sanitation needs of our most vulnerable citizens are being met.

The FIRST program in Delaware County is made possible through a grant from the Central Ohio Office Area Agency on Aging.  The grant provides 85% of the funding with SourcePoint providing the additional 15% through a local senior services organization.  

Partnerships with community organizations are extremely important to SourcePoint and the FIRST program.  We work very closely with local fire departments to develop FIRST programs in their fire jurisdictions.  We also have close working relationships with the American Association of Service Coordinators and The Ohio State University Office of Geriatrics and Interprofessional Aging Studies.  The Service Coordinator keeps in close contact with these agencies to monitor any changes to service delivery models to ensure that we are operating under best practice standards in our service delivery. 

SourcePoint also has relationships with over 40 service providers and grant recipients to provide service choices to individuals residing in Delaware County, age 60 and over, through the Senior Choices program.  Services such as homemaker, personal care, and emergency response systems are based on need and a sliding fee scale is used to ensure everyone is able to benefit from the choices that are offered.  Helping older adults live safely in their own homes and staying healthy as they age are what the professionals at SourcePoint strive to accomplish through this innovative one-stop agency. 

Information about SourcePoint services, including the FIRST program, is included on the agency website, www.mysourcepoint.org.  If you are interested in learning more about the FIRST program and our experience replicating the STAY UA model, please contact Fara Waugh, Director of Client Services or Karen Waltermeyer, Manager of Client Services at 740.363.6677.