What will the Implementation Guidelines offer me?

The Implementation Guidelines were developed by the very people who started the STAY UA Firehouse Service Coordination Program and contain the most important information we believe you will need to start your own Firehouse Service Coordination Program in your City. By utilizing the Implementation Guidelines provided here, we hope your work will be enhanced by our experiences.

The guidelines include sample service agreements, job descriptions, a resident welcome packet, various forms for use with residents, advice from the authors, and much more!  Of course, the on-line guidelines will be updated as needed.  Best of all, your access is free with registration!

Why should I register?

We wish to know who shares our passion for innovative care for our older and disabled population.  By registering, we can also track how widely the Firehouse Service Coordination Program is spreading across the U.S., and provide you with updates and opportunities for collaborations as programs evolve.  So, please take a moment to register and gain access to a wealth of information about the establishment of a Firehouse Service Coordination Program!  Again, there is no cost associated with registering--just network building!